Indications for La Fossa

Our B&B is remote and situated in a forested area. The last part of the road before reaching our houses is a steep dirtroad of 1km. The steepest parts are paved with rough cement. The first time call us and we will and drive your car up together. After that you know the road and can do it alone.

Using a Navigation System

NOTE: When you use a navigation system do not use ‘Via Fossa 3’. The entrance of our road is between Vogitalo and Scalucchia. Use Scalucchia Vetto (RE) in your GPS.

Google Streetview: Entrance road

Without Navigation System

1) Exit the autostrada (highway) at Reggio Emilia (if you come from the direction of Bologna or from Verona-Brennero) or take the exit of Campegine-Terre di Canossa (if you come from Milano-Piacenza).

2) Take the SS 513 that passes San Polo.

3) Pass the ‘frazioni’ Compiano (comune di Canossa) and Buvolo (frazione di Vetto), and turn left when you see the signs of Piagnolo, Vogilato, Scalucchia, Legoreccio, and the B&B La Fossa sign.

4) Pass the ‘frazioni’ of Piagnolo and Vogilato. At the T-crossing go left (follow the sign of B&B “La Fossa”). So don’t go to Vetto.

5) After 500 meters you will see on the right a dirt road with a red postbox and a ” B&B La Fossa” sign carved in wood.

6) The dirtroad is steep at some points. If you are not able to take the 1km road up, call us (+390522815188) and we will pick you up.

B&B La Fossa
42020 Vetto d’Enza (RE)

+39 0522815188 (fixed)