Regulations and procedures


To guarantee the reservation in the bed and Breakfast La Fossa is a deposit equivalent to 50% of the total amount, deposit fees are charged to the customer. At our discretion we may also ask for full payment as a deposit.

If the customer accepts the offer of bed and Breakfast La Fossa must within 2 days, unless otherwise agreed, to send the deposit. Failure to pay the deposit within the time limits set out in the booking will be cancelled automatically.


Payment of the balance of the booking, for the complete period that it was booked, needs to be payed in cash and is expected to be paid the full amount of the booking before check-out. For Airbnb bookings this is not valid because the payment goes through Airbnb.

Unforeseen changes

Changes during the stay

If you want to change or cancel the booking during your stay you are still required to pay the full amount of the booking. Your check-inn means paying the full booking when leaving also if that is before the end of the booking period. For these contingencies there are insurance policies to buy at your own expense before going to holidays.

Late changes from 30 to 1 days before the start of the reservation

A change in your reservation less than 30 before the start of the reservation has as result the loss of the deposit for the days that you do not spend the night and payment in full of the days you stayed.

Cancellation of the reservation

Cancellation up to 30 days before the stay

Cancellations made up to 30 days before date of arrival results in the return of the deposit (except the cost to return the money by Bank which are to be paid by the guest). Cancellation for which she was paid a down payment at the bed and breakfast the pit must be provided in writing via e-mail or alternatively by post with advice of delivery.

Cancellation from 30 to 1 days before the start of the reservation

Cancellations less than 30 days ‘ notice, or failing to report  will result in the loss of the entire deposit.


Check in

The room will be available from 14.00 hours.

Check out

The room must be vacated by 11:30.
Breakfast is served from 8.00 until 11.00.

The estimated time of arrival.

The before notice of the arrival time is much appreciated. Unless otherwise agreed between the guest and the bed and breakfast if you don’t check in before 20:00 the reservation is cancelled. Proposals of arrivals after midnight are not welcome.

Extension of stay

If the room is not booked on the day of departure, you can ask to stay longer (up to 18:30) with an extra charge of 15 € per person and you can use, in addition to their room and outdoor space that the common room with kitchenette.

The use of rooms

Our bed and breakfast rooms and common room are the result of a great deal of restoration work performed by us with much love and dedication: Please respect our work and therefore treat the various environments with extreme care. The common room has also also antiques and family heirlooms that should be handled with all the attention on the case.

Parents are responsible for minors and for their behavior.

The use of the common room

As Bed & Breakfast are not obligated to provide a kitchen or other rooms, but only the bedroom and breakfast. Was our concern and kindness, to make your stay more comfortable, a kitchenette and give you the option of using a common room in which there are pots, dishes along with tablecloths and all the accessories. We would like this kindness was repaid, leaving the common room clean and tidy after your departure, just as you found it.

For guests staying in the small house is not permitted to use the common room after 22.00 when other people staying in casa grande.

In case of damage

In case there are damages they should be communicated and will be our sole discretion seek compensation.


Children 0-2 years stay free of charge in our bed and breakfast sharing bed with parents or if the parents themselves provide for their accommodation on their own travel cots or cribs. If you require accommodation on a twin bed, a crib or cot is required the payment of the price per child from 2 to 12 years old (or 25 €).

All the while that babies will stay in our bed and breakfast we ask parents to pay attention to their activities both inside and outside. Children cannot play with fire or fireplace stoves: it’s your safety and the safety of houses. Outside also, living in the mountain area, there are areas with steep slopes and walls not protected by fences: it is the responsibility of parents to supervise these dangers.


Our guests can’t invite friends and relatives inside or outside the bed and breakfast without having booked and registered them as well.

Dogs and other pets

Sorry but dogs and pets are not allowed. We have many wild animals and we want to avoid unpleasant situations.