Vetto is a small Italian town with 1833 inhabitants in the province of Reggio Emilia in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

Italy has 20 regions divided in 88 provinces that are then divided in 7982 municipalities. Vetto is one of them and is (apart from the town center) divided in 38 hamlets called ‘frazioni’ that are all grouped under the municipality. Vetto consists of 53 square kilometers of land surface. So it is very spread out and has a very low population density. Roughly half of the population lives in the center of Vetto the rest lives in the small hamlets or individual farms (like B&B La Fossa), so every hamlet has just a few people living there.

Vetto during the holiday season

During the holiday season there are always more people in the hamlets, because many houses are used as holiday house that belonged to the family of the owners. Most people that were able to study moved to the city searching for a life that was not on a farm. In august the hamlet are more lively and some organize also traditional parties. There is the pizza party with fireworks of the hamlet called Sole and the Gnocco Fritto party of the hamlet of Tizzolo.

Services in Vetto center

The center of Vetto is small with just a few shops, but it has most of the basic services: 1 Bank with ATM, 2 Supermarkets, 1 Petrol station, 3 Bars, 1 Pharmacy, 1 Pizzeria.

Close to the town hall at the center of Vetto there is a small park with tall shady trees, a nice playground for kids and a tennis court next to it. It can be rented per hour and you can ask the key at ‘Bar Europa’. Behind the old church there is the historic part of the town and also behind the elementary school there is another historic part of Vetto. From there you can go up the stone wall terraces for a nice walk.