The house rules

Dogs and other pets

We are sorry but dogs and other pets are not allowed. We love animals very much, but there are always problems of interaction with our animals (dogs, cats, chickens, horse) that live free and in balance. If you bring a pet anyway we will be obliged to cancel your booking without refund.

Check-in: 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Check-in is only possible from 3.00 pm until 8.00pm. We ask you kindly to communicate your arrival time at least the day before. If you do not check in by 8:00 pm and you did not communicate your arrival time and you did not let us know that you are a bit late (later than 8.00 pm), your reservation could be canceled without refund. Please do not change multiple times your arrival time during your arrival day. It means that we have to wait for you all day long.

Check-out: 11:00 am

The room must absolutely be vacated by 11:00 am.

Extension of the stay

If the room is not booked on the day of departure, you can ask to stay longer (but at most until 6:30 pm) with an additional cost of 30€ per person. You can use the house the outdoor spaces.

The use of the rooms

The houses of our B&B and the rooms are the result of a long job of restructuring carried out by us with a lot of love and dedication: we ask you therefore to respect our work and to treat the various environments with the maximum care. The room can have antiques with a personal story behind them and should therefore be handled with all due care.

Parents are responsible for minors and their behavior both inside and outside the homes (see paragraph: Children).

The living room of the big house

The living room should be left tidy before you leave.


During the complete stay in our B&B we ask parents to pay attention to the activities of their children both inside and outside. Children cannot play with stoves: it is your safety and the safety of our homes. Because the B&B is situated in the mountains, there are areas with steep slopes and stone terrace walls not protected by fences. It is the responsibility of the parents to supervise these dangers. In the event of accidents, B&B La Fossa cannot be held responsible.

We ask parents to monitor their children so that they respect our plants and animals and that they don’t go wild and destroy stuff. We know that you are on holiday, but we don’t want to correct your children.

In case of damage

In the event of damage, this must be communicated and it will be our discretion to ask for a compensation.

The use of wood stoves

We are insured for fires when it comes to our family, but it is impossible to insure our home for fires caused by third parties. In the event of a fire caused by you, you are liable for the damages. Follow the manuals with the stove instructions. Printed manuals are also present in the rooms.

User manuals for wood stoves:

  • The small house has a Becchi Forli terracotta stove.
    Becchi Forli Manual, monolithic 1920: ENGLISH
  • The kitchen in the big house has an economic Smeg stove 1970.
    Manual Smeg economic stove: ENGLISH
  • The first room of the big house has a Zephir IMAR stove 1940.
    Stove manual Zephir IMAR: ENGLISH
  • The other room of the big house has a very small German stove (coal and wood) made of enamelled cast iron on the outside and contains refractory materials inside. Probably built in the period 1930-1940: Stove Wasseralfingen.
    Stove manual Wasseralfingen:  ENGLISH
  • In the bathroom of the big house there is a Vilmar stove.
    Vilmar stove manual: ENGLISH

Inviting non-registered people

Our guests cannot invite friends or relatives inside or outside the B&B without having booked and registered them too.


It is forbidden to smoke inside the houses and rooms (including bathrooms, with or without a window or the door open, even when it is raining). Smokers can smoke in the courtyard using an ashtray located on the ground floor windowsills. Ash and filter go into the ashtrays and not on the ground or in the flower boxes. Also in the woods, please pay attention to the surrounding environment and the high risk of wildfire during the summer. Soft drugs are forbidden by law in Italy and you can go to prison for using or carrying them. So it is obvious that you can not take or use them on our property!