The mushrooms of the Tassaro valley


This is a collection of photos of mushrooms present in the Tassaro valley

Mushrooms are particularly frequent in the autumn period, especially following rainy spells. The Medio Appennino’s climate and diverse woodlands create a perfect environment for a vast array of fungi to flourish. Dozens of edible species can be found, prized by foragers for their delicious flavors.

However, caution is crucial. The region is also home to numerous toxic and poisonous mushrooms that can cause serious illness or even death if consumed. Never eat a wild mushroom you cannot confidently identify.

  • Specific edible varieties: Some common edible mushrooms in the Medio Appennino include porcini (penny bun mushrooms), chanterelles, and saffron milk caps (be aware that these have poisonous look-alikes).
  • Foraging regulations: There is to mention that there may be local regulations regarding mushroom foraging, like permit requirements or quantity limits.
  • Safety tips: It is important to use a reliable field guide and the consulting with an experienced mycologist (fungus expert) before consuming any wild mushrooms.