A new puppy: Yuki


Our puppy Yuki arrived in April 2023 and she was a real explosion of enthusiasm in our family! She comes from a litter of seven fluffy balls, with a Maremma shepherd and border collie mix mother and a pure border collie father.

The first encounter

A new friend for Brando

Eleonora, a friend of Tatiana, gave us the puppy. She is a passionate designer and dog trainer, she had a litter and was looking for adoptions in loving families. We already had Brando, our affectionate senior half-Lagotto, and we knew the time was right to find a new companion suitable for him. It took a long time to reflect after the sad loss of Matilda the previous girlfriend of Brando, an adored member of the family. Lately we were thinking that Brando could teach a new puppy his good manners. We also needed a dog to keep watch a bit, because Brando has become completely deaf and spends his days sleeping… and so he no longer hears when someone comes or when there are buzzards attacking our chickens.


The name Yuki was chosen by our daughter Joséphine and she immediately had various nicknames such as: Yuka, Yukata, Yukettina and when she was dirty with mud: Yucky Yuke (Yucky does not only mean disgusting but it resembles the character from the comic strip Lucky Luke)

New balances among the animals

Yuki didn’t have much trouble adjusting to us. However, the older dog didn’t want to play and growled every now and then and our six cats weren’t very happy either. The balance among the animals in the house had changed and everyone had to make new friends and ‘enemies’ to find a new balance. Soon this balance was established and Yuki became the center of attention and became the boss of everyone. Now she has her own sheep called Brando.

Sensitive and intelligent

We immediately understood that Yuki is a sensitive and intelligent dog. She learned to open the door to our house on her own, putting her paws on the handle. In two days we taught her to close the door for a treat. Unfortunately she doesn’t close the door on her own without a reward. Every now and then when she wants a dog biscuit she jumps against the door.

When she wants to go out, she taps her nose against the keys inserted in the lock which make a noise: she rings the bell! With the help of some treats she soon learned to sit, give paw, lie down, roll over and with other treats she also began to jump like a deer between the Hula Hop hoop.

Love at first sight

Since we do B&B and beekeeping it means we are almost always at home and the dogs are never alone. We live continuously together with our animals and the relationship we have established is very important both for us and for them.

Yuki wants a lot of attention and at certain times she has a lot of energy. During walks she escapes every now and then to go for an incredibly fast run. She runs up and down the mountain and does scary jumps. Luckily she comes back within a few minutes and she listens well when we call her with a whistle.

Yuki and our guests

Our guests will probably meet our sweet dog. Upon arrival she might bark because at our house in the middle of the woods little usually happens. She is not aggressive, makes friends quickly and is very friendly with children. For happiness she might jump and maybe dirty you with her paws and give you a lick on the face if you cuddle her.

If you take food out unattended and put it on the low table, you might not find it when you return… for this reason I suggest you have breakfast on the high table outside.

We also kindly ask you to notify us when you take a walk starting from the B&B. Our dogs follow you and we don’t like you taking them. You will pass along streets and there could be many dangers for them. If you let us know, we will temporarily lock the dogs in the house when you leave. If the dogs follow you anyway, come back quickly to take them home and tell us to keep them in.