Walk to the Tassaro waterfall


After a few days of rain, there was finally a day of good weather and we decided to visit the Tassaro waterfall.

We took a little walk with our 3 and a half year old daughter. One of the touristic information walks in our B&B is this:

  • Take the car to Scalucchia (2km) from where the path starts.
  • Take the red white marked track with the number 670c, 670b.

The paths near the B&B La Fossa


How to reach the waterfall:

  • In Scalucchia go down into the village and keep left where path 670c begins.
  • The trail is almost too well marked. Every 10 -15 meters you see a white-red signal.
  • At a certain point there is a small arrow with waterfall written on it.
  • With all the red and white signals you feel too safe and pay less attention.
  • This is how we almost went further in the direction of path 670b as happened to some of our guests.
  • Look carefully and go down to Rio Tassaro! Otherwise you will do a circular tour and return to Scalucchia.
  • At a certain moment you will arrive at Rio Tassaro and you are very close to the waterfall. You have to follow the stream against the current.

There was a lot of water in the stream because it had rained heavily last week and for this reason it was a bit difficult to get to the waterfall with our little girl, but we went ahead and the waterfall was truly spectacular with so much water. In fact, during the summer you can only see water on the left side.

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