Personalized custom made dolls


Would you like to have a doll identical to you, with your clothes and accessories? It could be a unique and special gift for a loved one! They are made entirely by hand and have a height of 35/40cm and are made with great attention to detail.

A doll identical to you

Each doll is personalized with various colored hair, clothing and accessories based on the person’s passions. I create dolls that look a lot like the person themselves but which could also become an original and special gift. Examples are: the painter doll, the doll for trekking and mountain lovers, the beekeeper doll, the ballerina doll, the new mother, bride and groom dolls and many others.

The latest dolls created:
Amelie, mini and giant environmental hiking guide

Amelie was born at the request of Ildiko, a very talented environmental hiking guide from Campania. It will be very nice to follow her now on her trips to the mountains!! If you are also curious about her adventures, visit the Facebook page of Amelie’s Adventures. After the success of the little Amelie, Ildiko asked me to create a giant Amelie: 110 cm!

Order a personalized doll

You can order your personalized doll by contacting me via email or telephone. For delivery I can deliver to your home if you live in the area or I can send a package.