Solar food dryer – Self-made


This is the solar food dryer that I made a few years ago. Solar food drying is probably the most ecological way of food preservation.

I constructed a solar food dryer made from leftover and reused materials. It is a design from a book about solar food drying. The temperature inside gets up to 60 degrees Celsius and it works perfectly for figs, cherries, zucchini, wild mushrooms, etc.

Lightweight. I tried to construct it as light as possible, with thin wood and a thin piece of glass from a picture frame. This way it is easy to carry inside when it rains.

The size of the solar food dryer is based on the glass that I had. I used carbon to make the inside a bit black. The white wood reflects, the black carbon adsorbs and heats up.

I use the food dryer when we have abundance of fruit or vegetables and we are not able to eat them all fresh.