In the name of the Queen


To give a number to each hive seemed too sterile, so I gave a name to each hive and thought it would be a fun idea to give them the names of Queens.

When in 2012 I started with beekeeping I had only two hives. Everything going on with those two families of bees I could easily remember without writing down anything. With more families to remember, the state of each family has become more difficult. Se I named my hives and keep track of them in a register.

My list of Princesses and Queens

My daughter Joséphine goes crazy for the princesses of fairy tales and cartoons so I used also these for the names of Queen bees.

  • Queen Sissi
  • Princess Anna
  • Princess Elsa
  • Queen Victoria
  • Queen Elisabeth
  • Lady Kate
  • Maid Marian
  • Lady Diana
  • Queen Cleopatra
  • Queen Mercury
  • Princess Sophia
  • Princess Ariel
  • Queen Beatrix
  • Princess Rapunzel
  • Snow White Princess
  • Queen Greatest
  • Queen Aurora