Whole wheat bread


In order to have a healthier and more natural diet, we were searching for organic wheat grains that we could grind at a mill, so that the flour would retain all its best properties.

A selection of ancient grains

We were thinking to grow the grains ourselves, but from a quick calculation of the costs of the agricultural vehicles to be involved, seen the relatively limited amount of grain to be used by our family and B&B guests in a year, made us change our mind. At the same time, however, a good friend knew someone that cultivated on small scale a selection of ancient grains not using any pesticides.

And thus began our adventure with super-integral bread, baked in a wood oven, which in fact is the best thing you can put on the table!

Grano antico
Ancient type of wheat grains

The good properties of Ancient grains

Ancient grains are not genetically modified to increase the yield. Classic white flour that we use in daily life, is low in nutrients because the bran, that is rich in fiber, is eliminated and the germ, that is rich in vitamins and omega 3, is eliminated too. By comparison the ancient grains have lower yield, are less regular in appearance, but have a higher nutritional quality, less gluten and are more digestible. They are grown without the use of pesticides because they are more resistant.

Il mio nome sul sacco di jutta
Bags with wheat grains

The old mill of Currada

Canossa, Italy, province of Reggio Emilia

Once we procured the 120 kg of grains, we went to the mill with 3 large canvas bags. The mill of Currada is an old stone mill still in business and kept in operation by an old miller who has much experience and passion.

Il mulino di currada col mugniaio anziano
Senior miller at the mill of Currada

Cleaning and grinding the grains

Our wheat grains were mixed with impurities derived from other herbs, seeds and small pebbles and was first cleaned. The Miller has a machine that does this cleanup before grinding it. He cleaned all the 3 bags of grains but we only grind half. Later we will do a second grinding, so that we always have freshly grind flour preserving better its nutritional properties. The cleaned grains can be stored longer.

La farina integrale
The whole wheat flour

Whole wheat bread in a wood-burning oven

The bread which we prepare becomes super-full grain and is baked in our wood-burning oven at the back of our house and we cook some delicious rustic little breads. It’s true what I read, that you have to get used to the super-integral bread, because of the high fiber content in the bran. Our intestines are working perfect now 🙂

L'impasto dei panini integrali
The dough shapes of the little integral breads
Il pane integrale sfornato
Wholewheat bread, ready!

The half-integral bread

To meet the tastes of our guests we bake also half-integral small breads that are mixed with classic flour so that you can appreciate the flavors and the presence of the fibers but not get a fiber-shock.

Il pane semi-integrale durante l'ultima fase della lievitazione
The half integral bread during the last phase of the rising
Il pane semi-integrale nel forno a legna
The half integral bread in the wood-burning oven
Il pane semi-integrale pronto
The half integral bread, ready!